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Training philosophy

Our training philosophy is not based on the reproduction of training models by "contrasted evolution" depending on the evolution of the rules, the evolution of the competition demands, the evolution of  the knowledge of the coach, the evolution of the social and economical valuation of sport, and the evolution of technology and research applied to sport. In other words, our training philosophy is not based in all these external and alien aspects to the athlete in which training models are made up from the sport and society. On the contrary, our training philosophy is aimed to achieve the training auto-structuring by “differential optimization”, and this is obtained by means of: the establishment of technical-tactical skills in which the player shows a certain competence, the observation of the impact that competition causes to the player, the constant acquisition of new knowledge of the player about the game, training and himself, the formation of the own social image, and the achievement of the knowledge of the player during practice by means of technology and adequate research tools. To sum it up, a training philosophy exclusively based on aspects related to the athlete, in which all training models are created through the own athlete-person (Seirul·lo Vargas, 1984).

Therefore, our challenge is to achieve, with such philosophy, a cooperative and interdisciplinary project among select coaches and scientific advisors, with a major goal: to bring practical solutions to the athlete for improving his sport performance in such a way that he becomes the unique protagonist, the maximum self-sufficient and develops a set of basic learnings that allows him to be independent from coaches in all desired competitive situations.

All professionals that participate in this sport training project (Entrenament Esportiu Barcelona)  have a broad experience and education in the practical field of the sports training sciences and the applied sciences to sports training. Among the key factors that set us apart from others, it should be pointed out the cooperative and interdisciplinary work. Each select group of experts coordinate their efforts and are adviced by select scientific advisors to solve any concrete project. Besides, both scientific advisors and all technical staff develope other specific functions. Evidently, we really believe this is the best way to help the sports persone to achieve his/her objectives.

We can work with any person that desires to achieve a sports goal. From a professional elite athlete preparing for the Olympic Games to an amateur athlete that wants to be able to run a popular race. In any situation we can offer the athlete, group of athletes or sports team an interdisciplinary and personalized preparation of all the important factors of his/her health and sport performance.






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