EEB’s mission is to provide optimal training for athletes to achieve optimum performance.

Since EEB was established in 2004, we’ve grown to efficiently serve many different athletes and sport teams. Our objective is to successfully meet the needs of each athlete with a thorough and meticulous quality work that is performed with the utmost quality efficiency and confidentiality.




  Who we are

The experts behind EEB

All professionals involved in this sport training project have a broad experience and education in the practical field of the sports training sciences and the applied sciences to sports training. All of them are active and willing to participate in new projects, if they can combine with their work situation. Most of our scientific advisors are Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in select fields of applied sciences to human performance, profesors emeritus in schools of medicine, physical education or sports sciences at several international universities, heads of specialized movement sciences departments and sport medicine labs, heads of centers for human movement research, heads of training centers and directors of the sport preparation of elit athletes and teams in prestigious international sport clubs. Some of our scientific advisors are former elit athletes with wide and outstanding experience as a coach. All technical experts of EEB have also a specific experience in the pratical field of sport training. Many of them are also Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in select fields of applied sciences to human performance. All our technical experts have a college degree specifically related to sport training sciences and many of them are former athletes with an outstanding experience as a coach.


Our culture

We select people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability and experience. Although EEB experts share common goals and visions for the organization, we hail from all walks of life and speak several languages, reflecting the global and interactive philosophy for optimal sport performance.

We count on the cooperation of every professional of EEB, a team of exceptional people, to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Key to our success is our highly-skilled team of qualified and experienced specialists. We are very choosy about whom we invite to join us; as well as impeccable credentials, they must also be talented, innovative and enthusiastic.

We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Our structures are designed to encourage interactions between experts within and across teams, and to spark conversation about work and science.


Training sites

We develop all training activities in multiple locations, always depending on the interests and preferences of the athlete, training group or sports team.

Due to the variety of technical experts and scientific advisors of EEB, we know the quality levels of many sport training and high-performance centers, gyms, sports clubs, specialized medicine and physiotherapy centers and all kinds of infrastructure for training both indoors and outdoors.
, we have agreements and direct collaboration with certain centers, providing us the use of sport facilities, services and favorable economic conditions.


Coordination team

Joaquim Reverter-Masià, Daniel Picó-Benet and David Ribera-Nebot joined feelings and ideas to coordinate this project in January 2005. Since then, EEB has grown to more highly qualified scientific advisors and technical experts in areas of sports performance and applied movement sciences, with a management team that represents some of the most experiended and best qualified sport training professionals.

Thus, there are coordinators for specific responsibilities and new coordinators can be created for any new project.


Scientific Advisors

Thechnical Experts

Collaborating Centers

Stage and Training Centers



  What we believe

  1. Focus on the athlete.

    Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best athlete experience possible. We take great care to ensure that our actions will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal.

    Therefore, our challenge is to achieve, with such training philosophy, a cooperative and interdisciplinary project among select coaches and scientific advisors, with a major goal: to bring practical solutions to the athlete for improving his sport performance in such a way that he becomes the unique protagonist, the maximum self-sufficient and develops a set of basic learnings that allows him to be independent from coaches in all desired competitive situations.

  2. Help, only if necessary.

    We know your time and money is valuable. Our goal is to have athletes leave our services as quickly as possible. If you continue using our services is only because you consider they help you and are necessary for your performance optimization.

  3. It’s best to do one thing really well.

    We do performance optimization of athletes. With our group of technical experts and scientific advisors focused exclusively on solving athlete problems, we know what we do well, and how we could do it better. Our experience, creativity and dedication to improving athlete performance set us appart from others.

  4. Teamwork, works.

    Each select group of experts coordinate their efforts and are adviced by select scientific advisors to develop any concrete project with an athlete or group of athletes. Teamwork focused on mutual help, cooperation, assertive and empathic communication among coaches and athletes is very beneficial for performance and happiness of athletes.

  5. Great just isn’t good enough.

    We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint.

    We do not accept sport training projects to optimize the performance of athletes in which we cannot assure a high quality service according to our philosophy.

    Through innovation and iteration, we aim to take things that work well and improve upon them in unexpected ways. The expertise of highly especialized professionals in the fields of sport training, sport medicine, sport management and sport psychology makes EEB an organization where innovation and creativity have became the key elements to achieve a constant improvement.



  What we do

Our services

The services offered by EEB are destined for any person that desires to achieve a sports goal. From a professional elite athlete preparing for the Olympic Games to an amateur athlete that wants to be able to run a popular race. In any situation we can offer an interdisciplinary and adapted preparation of all the important factors of health and sport performance.

We provide personalized services for athletes, group of athletes, sport teams, sports schools, sport clubs and centers, health-fitness centers, coaches, sport institutions and companies. Here's a glimpse at what we offer:

· Integrated preparation for athletes: biological-conditioning training, technical-coordination training, tactical-cognitive training and adjuvant training.
· Planning of training and competition.
· Control-Evaluation of training and competition.
· Advice on training and competition.
· Training and competition in extreme conditions.
· Projects of sport planning and sport initiation.
· Stages for special preparations.
· Analyses of sports biomechanics.
· Neuromuscular analysis for health and sport performance.
· Psychology to help athletes and coaches.
· Physiological control of the sport-performance condition: Biochemical monitoring, cardio-respiratory assessment, special assessments (blood volume, cardiac output, ...)
· Monitoring of body temperature during effort.
· Physiological controls in extreme conditions.
· Integral assessment of functional capacity.
· Cardiology for athletes.
· Traumatology for athletes.
· Clinical biomechanics analyses.
· Medical-motion rehabilitation.
· Somatotype and body composition assessment for health and sport performance.
· Evaluation of nutritional state for athletes.
· Nutrition and sport performance.
· Ergogenic aids of physiological type.
· Health controls for athletes.
· Medical-sports advice.
· Interdisciplinary research on athlete's performance.
· Technical collaboration on sports competitions.
· Technical and scientific collaboration with international training and sports centers.
· Collaboration on international scientific conferences.
· Organization of international conferences on sport training and performance.
· Permanent education for athletes and coaches.
· Advice on sports management and promotion.

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Our management

Our flexible organization and dynamic management permits a national-international and elite-amateur working scope. We are able to conduct interesting projects in any part of the world if the conditions are reasonable. We would take special care of any new proposal of international exchange or collaboration.

Any job is considered as a project that is developed by a single expert or a select group of experts and scientific advisors that coordinate their efforts and knowledge.


Asking for a service, project or collaboration

Contact Us via email or our form.
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When asking for a service or project, we use to make the first session with one of the EEB technical coordinators in order to analyze your situation and goals, give you initial guidelines, and be able to make an efficient proposal for optimizing your sport performance.

When asking for a collaboration, we use to setup a meeting in order to analyze all options and conditions.


Prices are adapted to professional and non-professional athletes.
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